Asia-Pacific News (Dec 2017)


Future and Recent Activities of the INCE/J

2018 Spring Meeting of the INCE/J

The Institute of Noise Control Engineering Japan (INCE/J) will hold the 2018 Spring Research Meeting on April 19, 2018, at Fukagawa-Edo Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Noise/Vibration/Odor Control Workshop

The INCE/J and the Japan Association on Odor Environment (JAOE) jointly held a workshop “Noise, Vibration, Odor Control Workshop,” with the participation of 101 attendees at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo on October 30, 2017. The workshop was aimed at sharing the latest technology on countermeasures and strengthening the collaboration among local government staffs in charge of controlling noise, vibration, and odor under the sponsorship of the Ministry of the Environment. Five lectures were given on the themes of “Current situation of noise, vibration and malodor complaints,” “Countermeasures against malodor complaints,” “Noise and vibration countermeasures in administration,” “Experience in handling of noise and vibration measuring equipment,” and “Handling odor measuring equipment”.

Feature Articles in the latest Edition of INCE/J Journal

The INCE/J Journal Vol. 41, No. 5, published on October 17, 2017, focused on “Auditory Guides in Public Space.” It contains a general review of “Standardization of Auditory Guides in Public Space” with two review articles “The Present Situation and Problem of Sound Signage in Public Space” and “About Auditory Guiding Signal in Barrier-free Guideline (Passenger Facilities)” as well as 3 technical data reports: “Airport Sound Environment and Sound Sign,” “Introduction of Sound Signature of Station, ‘Andante’ for Ryokuen-Toshi Station, Sotetsu Izumino Line,” and “The Present and Future of Audio Signs from the View of a Designer.” There is also a commentary “Recent Policy Development on Wind Turbine Noise.”

Japanese Industrial Standard C 1509-1:2017

“Electroacoustics—Sound level meters—Part 1: Specifications” (JIS C 1509-1:2017) was published as IDT of IEC 61672-1:2013 by the Japanese Standards Association on September 20, 2017. Drafting was performed by the INCE/J.

Future Activities of the ASJ

2018 Spring Meeting of the ASJ

The Acoustical Society of Japan will hold the 2018 Spring Research Meeting March 13–15, 2018, at the Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT), Saitama Prefecture, Japan ( The meeting is planned to have the following 11 structured sessions: (1) Measurements and Musical Acoustics, (2) Approach to Road Traffic Noise Reduction, (3) Acoustic Properties Measurement Using Ultrasonic Technology, (4) Evaluation and Imaging of Biological Functions, (5) Progress in Speech Signal Processing with Deep Learning, (6) The First Contest for Teaching Materials on Acoustics, (7) Signal Sound at Station, (8) Current Trends and Issues of Hearing and Accessible Assistive Technology, (9) The World’s First Cartilage Conduction Hearing Aid, (10) Immersive Audio and Acoustics, and (11) Sports and Acoustics.

2018 Autumn Meeting of the ASJ

The 2018 ASJ Autumn Research Meeting will be held September 12–14, 2018, at Oita University in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

ISO/TC43 2018 General Assembly Meeting

The ISO/TC43 and its subcommittee SC1 and SC2 are planning to hold their 2018 General Assembly Meetings at the Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe” in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan on November 12–16, 2018, under the sponsorship of JISC/Japan and ASJ with the support of INCE/J, Matsue City and Shimane Prefecture.

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