Call for Contributions – Special Issue on Motorcycle Noise

In 2020 the German federal meeting of governments of state (the Bundesrat) adopted far-reaching proposals to limit the sound emission of motorcycles. Ultimately the federal government opposed their proposals, but in recent months there has been renewed international focus on motorcycle noise. In New York City, motorcycles are frequently placed in the top 10 most bothersome noise sources identified by residents. In Vietnam, motorbikes with frequent horn sounds are the most frequent road traffic noise source. And a recent cross-sectional study in the Alps indicated that for the same LAeq level, motorcycle noise is more annoying than the other sources of road traffic noise.

The March Issue of NNI is going to be a special issue that will examine the specific topic of motorcycle noise, and we would like to hear from you! If you are interested in contributing to the conversation please email your submissions to the editor at:

Both short-form commentaries and long-form technical articles are welcome, especially those related to major developments in the field, legislation, research gaps, control strategies, etc. Submission should be written in MS Word, or similar, between 500-3000 words, and graphics are welcome. For consideration, submissions should be received by February 28.