Crystal Instruments (Mar 2017)

NEW EDM Modal: Complete Modal Testing & Analysis Suite February 2017

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Introducing EDM Modal: Complete Modal Testing & Analysis


EDM Modal is a complete Modal Testing and Modal Analysis suite for Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). EDM Modal was developed based upon the sophisticated technologies of modern modal analysis theory and technique. With its intuitive controls and powerful features, EDM Modal is the ultimate tool for modal analysis applications. An intuitive interface allows users to manage highly complicated tests that can involve hundreds of measurement points and multiple excitations. This interface also allows for simple tests to be conducted quickly and with little effort. Regardless of how complicated the modal test is, EDM Modal provides exactly the right tools to achieve your goal.

EDM Modal supports the following applications:

  • Geometry creation/import/export/animation
  • Operational Deflection Shape analysis
  • Impact hammer modal testing
  • Single or multiple shaker modal testing
  • Single reference modal analysis
  • Poly-reference modal analysis
  • Reporting to Microsoft Word