Editor’s View (Dec 2018)

Welcome to the final issue of Noise/News International for 2018.

This jam-packed issue looks back at INTER-NOISE 2018 and includes a tribute to Bill Lang, a champion of I-INCE, from Bob Bernhard. We also present summaries of two papers presented at INTER-NOISE 2018: the first reports on some interesting work examining the correlation between a child’s attentiveness and their acoustical surroundings in a classroom, and the second describes the development of a tranquility map in New York City. We hope to continue these summaries as a regular feature in NNI, so if you would like a summary of your INTER-NOISE presentation to appear here, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Also featured in this issue is a closer look at iNoise, the new software from DGMR Software for modeling environmental noise from industries and wind turbines.

As ever, we have updates from all around the world in our regional updates and NOISE/NOTES features. October saw the release of the eagerly anticipated World Health Organization’s guidelines for environmental noise in Europe. These guidelines define noise exposure levels that should not be exceeded to minimize adverse health effects across Europe and offer significant scientific evidence to support these recommendations. The guidelines likely will be a valuable tool in the noise control community for many years to come.

See you all in 2019!

Eoin A. King, PhD