Editor’s View (Jun 2017)

This will be the last issue of Noise/News International (NNI) for which I will serve as Managing Editor. On July 1 I will take on a new role as Managing Editor of the Noise Control Engineering Journal. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to this publication during my tenure. A number of people have contributed greatly to NNI and their hard work is much appreciated.

NNI has gone through substantial changes. We now have a functioning blog and the ability to quickly publish noise news and information. This new format provides a much better means to provide timely information to the worldwide community. I sincerely hope that it grows to become the “go to” site to get news and information about noise control for the global community.

I hope that I have done credit to the outstanding publication established by George Maling. When I took this position, I noted that I had big shoes to fill. I have done my best in the time I have had. I can say now, with seven years’ perspective, that George’s contributions through NNI have been immense. I hope that I have made at least a small addition to his legacy.

The next step for NNI is to move from a quarterly publication to a continuously updated source of information for noise control professionals around the world. In the future, it is hoped that those in noise control will regularly watch NNI for regular news and information critical to the profession. Through social media and a less rigid structure, NNI can become even more useful and timely.

We continue to welcome news and information from anyone in the noise control community. Topics of interest range from conferences to publications, product news, and all other aspects of the profession. All input is welcome and, when appropriate, it will be posted immediately on the blog.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the new managing editor. At the time I am writing this column, that person has not yet been selected. We have a few outstanding candidates and I am sure they will carry on the tradition of outstanding service to the community by NNI. I wish them well and look forward to the innovations yet to come.

Jim Thompson
PhD, PE, INCE Bd. Cert.