Editor’s View (Jun 2018)

Welcome to the June issue of Noise/News International. This issue features articles on the ICAO balanced approach to aircraft noise and how it is being addressed in Europe, as well as a case study of off-peak hours deliveries in Stockholm. We also have some advice from the editor of the Noise Control Engineering Journal, Jim Thompson, on how to write a successful journal paper.

I’m sitting down to write this editorial having just submitted a paper for INTER-NOISE 18 in Chicago. I hope to see you there—and please feel free to stop me and let me know your thoughts on the NNI blog and magazine. I would be eager to hear any and all ideas. In my opinion, opportunities for face-to-face meetings and chatting to colleagues in an often-informal setting is really what a conference is all about. The first conference I attended was EURONOISE 2006, in Tampere, Finland. At that time I was a PhD student, but I met a colleague who eventually was instrumental in my obtaining a postdoctoral research fellowship—and so my academic career began! So if you are going to Chicago, my advice would be to talk to whomever you happen to sit beside, because you never know what might come of it!

As ever, we have updates from all around the world in our NOISE/NOTES feature. There was an interesting audio illusion that went viral recently—check it out, if you haven’t already.

Eoin A. King, PhD
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