Editor’s View (Sep 2016)

After watching the national political party conventions in the USA, I am reminded of the need for all of us to participate in our respective governmental organizations to make them effective. The same is true for the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States (INCE-USA). Both of these organizations are only as good as the people participating in their activities and governance.

I would encourage all those reading this column to consider how you can participate; or, if you are already doing so, how you could contribute to a greater extent. Both organizations offer opportunities to participate as officers, members of the board of directors, conference chairs and technical chairs, and session organizers for conferences. In addition, there are frequently technical committees and ad hoc committees looking for participants.

INCE-USA elects five new members of the board of directors each year. This is just one example of the opportunities to participate. As a member of the board, you have the opportunity to attend the two board meetings each year and participate in setting the direction for future activities of the institute. Common topics of discussion with voting by the board include conference site and timing, new outreach programs, initiatives of cooperation with other professional organizations, new training courses and seminars, and multiple budget issues and decisions of resource allocation.

To get started with I-INCE, simply send an email to the secretary general, Paul Donavan, atpdonavan@illingworthrodkin.com. To seek greater involvement with INCE-USA, contact the INCE-USA business office atibo@inceusa.org. In either case, the individuals involved will be happy to talk with you about how you might get involved and direct you to individuals that can discuss specific opportunities for involvement.

If you are not comfortable with using the above e-mail addresses, contact someone you know who is already working on a NOISE-CON or INTER-NOISE conference, or someone serving as an officer or on the board of either of these organizations. There is always a need for those interested in being an active member. Whomever you talk with will be happy to help you get involved.

So, it is up to you to take the first step. The next time you wonder why a topic was not covered at a conference or why there isn’t a seminar covering a particular area of noise control of interest to you, remember that there is something you can do about it—you can participate in I-INCE or INCE-USA. They will be eager to get you involved, and the opportunities available to contribute to the profession of noise control engineering will be much greater than you anticipated.

I hope you will step up to the challenge and become actively involved in either or both of these outstanding organizations.

Jim Thompson