Editor’s View (Jun 2016)

Well, if all has gone well, you are looking at Noise/News International (NNI) in a new format. We have moved from the traditional PDF version of a “paper” magazine to a digital blog format. This is another step in a series of transitional steps for NNI. The publication started in the 1970s as a paper newsletter that was mailed to members in the USA. Later, it transitioned to the current name with an international audience. More recently, we moved to a digital format as a PDF that could be downloaded. The move to the blog format is part of our continuing efforts to maintain the relevance and ease of use for noise control professionals around the world.

The new format does not prevent us from providing the same content with features, editorials, regional news, book reviews, conference calendars, and much more. However, some of these items will look a little different, and, as we continue with the transition, they should become more dynamic as we provide up-to-date information. We will continue to provide major updates on a quarterly basis, but hope to provide new information and important data on a more frequent basis. While daily updates are not likely, monthly and perhaps weekly updates may become the norm. We want to ensure that NNI becomes the source of noise control information for our readers around the world.

It is our hope that this new format and means of delivering NNI is an improvement for you, the reader. Undoubtedly, there are areas where we can improve. This is the point where I ask for your help. Please provide feedback on this first blog issue. What do you like? What would you like to see included that is not here? Did you have trouble finding something? Tell us about the blog and how we can improve it.

We are also eager to hear about new features or sources of information we can add. Should we include the most recent table of contents from the Noise Control Engineering Journal or other publications? Are there other sources of noise control information to which we should provide links? Would you, the readers, like to provide comments or initiate discussion of noise control topics of interest to others in the community? We need your input on how to bring more to NNI that provides more value to the noise control community.

I look forward to your comments and input.

Jim Thompson, PhD, PE, INCE Board Cert.
Managing Editor