Erasmus+ The Noise Training Project (NTP)

By César Asensio
Instrumentation and Applied Acoustics Research Group
I2A2, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The Noise Training Project

Under the scope of Erasmus+, the Noise Training Project (NTP) is designed for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of environmental noise management. The four partners involved in NTP represent the fields of academia (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universita degli Studi Firenze), industry (Vie Ingegneria), and public administration (Provincial Directorate of Antalya), covering the different views and dimensions of such a difficult topic. Through the experience of these partners, NTP is intended to pool the requirements and strategies that are adopted in the three countries, such as Turkey, Italy, and Spain. Along with noise from industry and transport, in these three countries, there is a particularity related to the geographical location, the character of the people, and the meteorological characteristics that make them a tourist destination and places where people enjoy life on the streets. The nightlife noise becomes, on many occasions, a very worrying problem, on which NTP is particularly focusing.

The project is being executed in three fundamental phases. The first phase has consisted of compiling the basic information regarding the regulation in the three countries and making a comparison addressing noise maps, action plans, monitoring, and inspections. The second stage aims to define a common training proposal through a harmonized curriculum that can serve as a reference for the creation of qualifications and regulated professions. Currently, three differentiated training profiles have been identified, aiming to specialize professionals to develop the different tasks that noise management implies. The final stage aims to develop innovative technological tools to cover the training needs and improve the assessment possibilities for the technical staff. Virtual noise audit tools are being developed in the project to cover these requirements.

In order to identify training needs and refine or improve both the curriculum and the rest of the outcomes of the project, it is intended to request the collaboration of international experts, professionals, and students. To contact all of them, inform them, and involve them in the project, the consortium has prepared a workshop to be held during the inaugural day of INTER-NOISE 2019 in Madrid. During the workshop, NTP will launch a contest aimed at encouraging participation.

Preliminary Program

The workshop will take place on Sunday, June 16, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and will include

  • Noise Training Project presentation
  • differences and similarities about noise audits
  • qualifications requirements and curriculum development
  • virtual noise audits (VNA)
  • a roundtable discussion

If you are interested in participating, please request an invitation before May 31 by sending an email to

For more information on the project and the workshop, please visit