European News (Jun 2017)

Future Brief: Noise Abatement Approaches

Science for Environmental Policy has just issued a comprehensive document summarizing noise issues and measures to mitigate in the European Community. A PDF of this document can be foundhere.

This 28-page document provides a comprehensive overview of noise issues and controls. It provides instructional segments on decibels and shows examples of noise controls and their implementation.

Noise Pollution Continues to Constitute a Major Environmental Health Problem in Europe

The EU Environmental Noise Directive provides for an implementation report to be prepared by the European Commission every five years. In addition to addressing the implementation, the Directive requires that this report should also include a review of the acoustic environment and the goals and measures for the reduction of environmental noise (legislation at source), and assess the need for further community actions.

The second implementation report has been just published recently (March 3, 2017) and it is a useful document for several stakeholders. All related documents are available at At this site there are several reports available, including the “Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council: On the Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive in Accordance with Article 11 of Directive 2002/49/EC.”

Noise in Europe Conference

On April 24, 2017, the Noise in Europe Conference, organized by the European Commission, was held in Brussels, Belgium. You can see the conference program and webcasts (on the Watch Live page)here.

International Noise Awareness Day

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the International Noise Awareness Day was marked in Europe. Details can be foundhere.