I-INCE Young Professional Congress Attendance Grants for Inter-Noise 2022

The Board of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) anticipates awarding 20 I-INCE Young Professional INTER-NOISE 2021 Congress Attendance Grants (YP Grants). Each I-INCE YP Grant has a value of 600 Euro.

INTER-NOISE 2022 Congress is expected to be in person. Please complete the form (s) that are posted here (which assume in-person congress mode). The grant award commitee(s) will determine the extend of the award and inform you accordingly when the award is made. Please carefull read the following narative to determine eligibility and groud rules of each award. A student may apply to several travel awards but will receive only one award (I-INCE Young Professionals Award) to attend INTER-NOISE 2022. If the student is a potential recipient of two or more travel grants , only one (the most financially beneficial) award will be given to that student. Please continue to visit the website for latest updates including the abstract/paper deadlines as the forms will not be updated. Share the information posted to ensure everyone can take advantage of these great opportunities. Additional Details on the I-INCE programs for students and young professionals will be described on the Inter-Noise 2022 website.

Who is eligible?

Candidates can be either undergraduate or postgraduate stuents, postdoctoral, or young acousticians or noise control engineers working in industry. Candidates must be relatively early in their professional careers (typically less than 10 years of active career). Preference will be given to students.

Prior I-INCE grant winners are not eligible for the I-INCE Young Professionals Grants.

How do I apply for an INTER-NOISE 2022 Grant?

Deadline: Same date as the INTER-NOISE 2022 Abstract Deadline. Check the INTER-NOISE 2022 Website for latest information on Abstract Deadlines.

  1. First, submit your abstract using the INTER-NOISE 2022 abstract submission portal. Instructions are given on the website: https://www.internoise2022.org/
  2. Record the paper or abstract number given to you upon submission of the abstract
  3. Download the Young Professionals application form in MSword format here or in PDF format here
  4. Rename the file with your abstract number: ##### _IN222_YPG_YourLastName.pdf
  5. Complete the YP grant application. Follow instructions given in ellow section on the form. Describe research in only paper for the YP grant process, even if you antipate having multiple papers on the Congress. The research described should relate to the paper that you will submit associated with the abstract reproduced in the application.

These are highly competitive, prestigious awards, so please follow instructions and edit your application carefully before submitting it.

  1. Required Information and a copy of the submitted INTER-NOISE abstract.
  2. One page that provides more details on theory, experiments, results of conclusions, as relevant to the paper that will be submitted for the abstract given on Page 1.
  3. One-page professional biography of the applicant.
  4. A copy of the applicant’s passport or comparable (government issued) identity card.
  5. (optional, but highly desirable) A recommendation or funding support letter from your supervisor or an offeicer of your local I-INCE member society. A list of the member societies can be found at: http://i-ince.org/membership.php
  6. Combine the above information into a SINGLE PDF file and upload to this I-INCE web site Young Professionals Section using the file upload portal below.