On behalf of the INTER-NOISE 2022 Congress organization, we invite you to submit an abstract for the 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering that will be held in Glasgow, the UK on August 21–24, 2022.

INTER-NOISE 2022 will be an on-site congress in Glasgow and attendees can look forward to a full technical program at the Scottish Events Campus, supported by social events in the city and surrounding country.

The congress is organized by the Institute of Acoustics of the UK, I-INCE, and the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN).

The congress’s theme is “Noise Control in a More Sustainable Future” and the program will cover all aspects of noise control engineering, acoustics, and vibration.

In addition, there will be special sessions on “Profession, Training and Outreach”, which will be attractive to early career professionals.

Scottish Event Centre

The Conference Venue: The Scottish Event Centre with the distinctive Armadillo Building

Please submit an abstract and consider organizing a session under one of the twenty main topics of the technical program.


Under Engineering Science:

  1. Physical Acoustics
  2. Advanced Measurement Methods
  3. Modelling and Simulation
  4. Flow-induced Noise and Vibration
  5. Vibro-acoustics and Structure-borne Noise
  6. Signal Processing, Reproduction and Diagnostics
  7. Thermo- and Aero-acoustics

Under Transportation and Industrial Noise:

  1. Aircraft Noise
  2. Environmental Noise
  3. Industrial Noise
  4. Building Acoustics
  5. Transportation Noise and Vibration
  6. Underwater, Ship and Other Acoustics

Under Control Systems and Treatments:

  1. Active Control
  2. Materials

Under Human Factors:

  1. Community Noise and Planning
  2. Human Response
  3. Soundscapes and Acoustic Quality
  4. Profession, Training and Outreach
  5. Theme-related: Noise Control in a more Sustainable Future

Message from Conference President Barry Marshall Gibbs

INTER-NOISE 2022 provides an excellent opportunity for engineers and scientists working in the field of noise control, acoustics, and vibration to come together and exchange ideas about their work in an environment conducive to paper presentations and informal networking and with many exhibitors in attendance. More than one hundred technical sessions are planned, covering a wide range of issues facing the industry, research community, and the community at large.


  • Call for Abstracts and Registrations | November 1, 2021
  • Abstract Submission Deadline | February 4, 2022
  • Paper Submission Deadline | March 4, 2022
  • Final Paper Submission Deadline | April 29, 2022
  • Early-Bird Registration Deadline for Authors | April 29, 2022
  • Non-authors Early Bird Registration Regular Registration | July 8, 2022


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