The 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering will be held at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow on 21-24 August 2022.

INTER-NOISE 2022 offers:

  • International perspectives on noise control – INTER-NOISE is one of the biggest international conferences on noise control engineering, with 800 paper presentations to attract scientists, engineers, and consultants from around the world.
  • Prominent topics – showcase your research and learn from your peers in plenary sessions, symposia, poster presentations, workshops, and professional training on 20 main topic areas including building noise control and architectural acoustics, transportation noise, vibration environmental noise, and many more.
  • Grow your network – with 800 delegates attending in person, reconnect and meet people in your specialism from all over the world.
  • Develop solutions – meet with our 30+ exhibitors to learn about the latest on the market in noise control.
  • The opportunity to visit Glasgow – voted as a place for the ‘Best UK City Break in 2021’ by Condé Nast Traveller

Keynote Speaker Spotlight

Professor Lily WangLinking Indoor Acoustic Conditions to Human Well-Being and Performance
Dr. Yu Liu – Acoustic Meanforming Array Design for Source Imaging
The Salford Group: Professor Andy Moorhouse, Dr Andy Elliott, and Dr Josh MeggittVirtual Acoustic Prototypes – a story of four decades
Professor Bridget Shield MBEA Sound Environment for Schools: Sixty years of Research into the Impact of the Acoustic Design of Schools – A Review
Professor Maria Heckl – Sustainable Combustion Technologies Need Acoustics Research
Professor Jin Yong Jeon – Soundscape and Digital Therapeutics Psycho-physiological Restoration

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Main Topic Spotlights

Building Noise Control and Architectural Acoustics

The sessions under the main topic of ‘Building Noise Control and Architectural Acoustics’ at INTER-NOISE 2022 will give practitioners and researchers a great opportunity to get an International perspective on the latest developments in sound insulation, room acoustics, and general aspects of building acoustics. It also provides ample opportunities for networking with other consultants and researchers.

Led by Professor Carl Hopkins

Community Noise and Planning

Effective planning is vital for the successful management of our soundscape and to minimize impacts on affected communities.  The “Community Noise and Planning” topic will include papers on building for quality of life including the use of the WHO Guidelines, the soundscape resulting from the pandemic, and tranquillity.  I will be attending INTER-NOISE 2022 to find out about the wide-ranging work that practitioners, researchers, and policy developers are contributing to, both from the UK and our international counterparts from further afield.  It is a unique opportunity to see how similar problems are addressed by those from other countries, right on our doorstep.  I hope to see many of you there.

Led by Mrs. Hilary Notley

Computer Simulation and Modeling

During the past few years research in Computer Simulation and Modeling has moved forward with wave-based prediction now possible using Graphics Processing Units. Wave-based predictions allow more realistic auralisations and focusing effects to be accurately modeled. I am looking forward to INTER-NOISE, the first major international conference since the ICA in September 2019, so 3 years! It will be great to see old friends, make new friends, and network with fellow professionals. I can’t wait!

– Led by Professor Stephen Dance

Soundscape & Acoustic Quality

The Main Topic on ‘Soundscapes and Acoustic Quality explores the scientific fundamentals and practical solutions to environmental sounds, as perceived, in context. Both outdoor and indoor soundscaping is considered. Sessions include Indoor soundscape, restorative soundscape measurement, analysis and design, industrial and rural soundscapes, soundscape and health, and AI in the soundscape.

– Led by Professor Jian Kang

Underwater, Ship & Offshore Acoustics

The INTER-NOISE 2022 Congress is covering quite a diverse set of topics in noise control, not only there will be presentations that deal with some of the more traditional topics, building acoustics, soundscapes, etc., but also to be covered are topics that relate to sound underwater and the control of sound as it is generated and propagated in the underwater environment.  Underwater noise control is a very challenging topic and the papers to be presented at the INTER-NOISE 2022 Congress are not to be missed.  This is a great opportunity to hear presentations about such a challenging topic.

Led by Dr. Joe Cuschieri

Reduced registration fee for students (virtual or in-person)

If you are a student or early-career professional, there are plenty of
opportunities to meet and connect with others in the same position and specialists at all stages of their careers:
• Join us at the breakfast networking event on the morning of Monday 22 August
• Connect with your peers at the early career social event on the evening of Monday 22 August
• Come together at the conference social event on Tuesday 23 August for a night of dancing, good music, and great company

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If you can’t attend in person, join us live online
INTER-NOISE 2022 is an excellent opportunity to attend a major international conference on noise control engineering without having to travel far!
• 60 hours of live sessions
• 5 hours of live keynote speakers
• 20 Main topics including building noise control and architectural acoustics, transportation noise and vibration, environmental noise, and many more
• 130+ session topics related to noise control engineering
• 40+ virtual Poster presentations
• Opportunity to take part in live Q&A
• Live networking

If you can’t attend live online, or if you want to attend more sessions, register now to secure access to the on-demand content for two months after the congress ends, including:
• 240 hours of sessions
• 5 hours of keynote speakers
• 20 Main topics including building noise control and architectural acoustics, transportation noise and vibration, environmental noise, and many more
• 130+ session topics related to noise control engineering. • 40+ virtual Poster presentations

This congress theme, ‘Noise control in a more sustainable future, is particularly timely and the congress venue is the same as that for the recent conference on climate change, COP 26. The sustainability of events is more important than ever and INTER-NOISE 2022 has a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. INTER-NOISE 2022 will be held at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) which is prioritising better outcomes for its clients, the community, and the environment through a sustainability strategy and its SEC Net Zero 2030 ambition. Working with staff, organizers of the INTER-NOISE 2022 Sustainability Working Group, partners, and visitors all form part of the overall engagement plan to support the net-zero journey. Learn more about sustainability at
IINTER-NOISE 2022 here:

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