The Bridge Magazine is the flagship publication of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Six articles on noise control engineering are published in the summer 2021 issue.

Efforts at the NAE since 2005 to produce a series of reports on noise control engineering are described by Eric W. Wood and George C. Maling, Jr. in the article titled “A decade and a Half of Progress Towards Reducing Noise in the United States”.

Other articles published in this issue of The Bridge include “Noise Control Engineering and Education” by Adnan Akay, “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: Transportation Noise in the United States” by Gregg G. Fleming, “Voluntary National and International Noise Standards for Products and Machines” by Robert D Hellweg, Jr., “Acoustic Source Localization Techniques and Their Applications” by Yangfan Liu, J. Stewart Bolton, and Patricia Davies, and “Resources for Noise Control Engineering” by George C. Maling, Jr.

This issue of The Bridge is available for free download from the National Academy of Engineering.

A series of workshops were conducted with the NAE on various topics on noise control engineering. The following workshop reports have been published and are available from the INCE-USA website under publications and INCE-USA Reports.

3-4 Oct 2012Protecting National Park Soundscapes
24 Oct 2012Noisy Motorcycles—An Environmental Quality of Life Issue
16 Jan 2014Cost-Benefit Analysis – Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements
19 Feb 2014Reducing Employee Noise Exposure in Manufacturing: Best Practices, Innovative Techniques, and the Workplace of the Future
6-7 Oct 2015Engineering a Quieter America: Progress on Consumer and Industrial Product Noise Reduction
11-12 Oct 2016Engineering Technology Transfer: Research and Development for Engineering a Quieter America
8-9 May 2017Commercial Aviation: A New Era   Overview Report
8-9 May 2017Commercial Aviation: A New Era
13-14 Dec 2018UAS and UAV (Drone): Noise Emissions and Noise Control Engineering Technology
12-13 Dec 2019Noise Control Engineering Education
2-3 Dec 2020Aerial Mobility: Noise Issues And Technology
19-20 Oct 2021Advances in Noise Control Engineering

For further information, contact: George C. Maling, Or Eric Wood at