Noise in Europe Conference

Noise in Europe, April 24, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

About the Conference

Prolonged exposure to road, railway and aircraft traffic noise can cause sleep disturbance and annoyance and lead to serious health effects such as cardiovascular diseases. In the European Union, more than 120 million people suffer from noise levels that are considered to have a negative effect on health.

European legislation addresses noise from transport, limiting noise from cars, railways, and airplanes. The Environmental Noise Directive requires an assessment of the noise citizens are exposed to. It calls upon national authorities to consider concrete actions to mitigate its negative health effects.

At the conference, the World Health Organisation will present the latest scientific evidence of the health effects of noise. Representatives from Member States, public authorities, scientists as well as associations and organisations interested in environmental noise, will have the opportunity to discuss policy options to ensure we strike the right balance between the transport we all depend on, and the healthy lives we want.

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