Noise/News International – Editor’s View

Welcome to the March 2022 issue of Noise/News International, a special issue of NNI devoted to Motorcycle Noise.

The issue of motorcycle noise has been a growing concern over the last few years. In 2020 the German Bundesrat adopted far-reaching proposals to limit the sound emission of motorcycles. Ultimately the federal government opposed their proposals, but in recent months there has been renewed international focus on motorcycle noise. In New York City, motorcycles are frequently placed in the top 10 most bothersome noise sources identified by residents. In Vietnam, motorbikes with frequent horn sounds are the most frequent road traffic noise source. And a recent cross-sectional study in the Alps indicated that for the same LAeq level, motorcycle noise is more annoying than the other sources of road traffic noise.

In this issue, we hear from several experts around the world considering the issue of motorcycle noise. To name but a few, these include César Asensio (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), who asks if it is time for Spain revises its motorcycle noise measurement protocols, Simon Shilton (Acustica) updates us on a European Commission study investigating the potential for new sound limits for L-category vehicles, Gijsjan van Blokland (I-INCE) considers how to type approval might help to control motorcycle noise, while  Deane Jaeger (Intrikit Services) and Alex Bub (OHV Acoustics) consider three different points of view of motorcycle noise.

I hope you enjoy this special issue, and if you have any ideas for future special issues please feel free to get in touch.

Eoin A. King Ph.D.