NOISE/NOTES (Jun 2019)

By Eoin A. King, NNI Editor, 
Eva Von Dell, NNI Social Media Assistant, and
Brianna Cervello, NNI Social Media Assistant

NNI is on Facebook and Twitter. We try to keep our readers informed with noise news from all across the globe by highlighting interesting research and projects. Here is a roundup of some of the stories that have been making headlines. Follow @NNIEditor to stay up to date with all noise-related news!

The Next Public Health Crisis?
The New Yorker recently ran a feature asking if noise was the next public health crisis. It includes an interview with a person suffering from hyperacusis, as well as a number of professionals working in the area, and it really drives home the dangers of noise pollution. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the impact noise can have on health.

The Battle for Quieter Restaurants
The Guardian recently featured an article highlighting the issue of noise in restaurants. It also describes the Soundprint app—“the Yelp for Noise”—which allows users to search for restaurants that have sound environments appropriate for conversation and, in turn, asks them to record decibel (dB) levels in other establishments. The app now has more than 60,000 submissions. The article also reports that in 2017, the UK charity Action on Hearing Loss found that noise levels in some well-known chains topped 90 dB on busy evenings!

Socioeconomic Factors and Noise
Another great article from the Guardian: It is reported that in crowded cities, it is usually the poorest neighborhoods that often experience the most noise pollution. The article cites a 2017 study in the United States that found that, in general, noise levels were estimated to be higher for census block groups with higher proportions of nonwhite and lower-socioeconomic status (SES) residents.

The “Roar” of the Ocean
The debate over our noise effects on marine life continues. Tracking our acoustical footprint in the ocean should prioritized. It has been calculated that noise in shipping ports has increased by 3 dB per year since 1950. Read more in this article that was recently published as a Nature news feature.

Want to Be a Podcast Host? Make Sure the Acoustics are Right!
Thinking about making a podcast? Check out this article for some important tips from an audio engineer on how to ensure your podcast will have the highest quality audio. It advises how far away your mic should be and what to do about background sound.

A Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft
A UK company is creating a BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) that has a shorter takeoff and land time, as well as a noise reducing jet. This could open the market for aircrafts to transport cargo or passengers to and from more local places in the United Kingdom.