President’s Column (Jun 2016)

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the new Noise/News International! In response to numerous requests by many member societies, INCE has invested in a change of format for NNI.

Instead of simply being a PDF imitation of a paper magazine, the new NNI will be a blog page on the web where members and other readers can go to read the latest articles and news about noise control engineering around the world. There will be no need to download anything and we will be able to update it as frequently as we like or can manage. Advertisers will be able to update information or graphics rapidly and even have special items for NOISE-CON and INTER-NOISE conferences.

As you can see, this new format does not look radically different. It will be delivered in a new way and will allow us the ability to make updates and additions as frequently as we need to or the readership asks. It is our hope that NNI can transition from something that members may look at once a quarter to a source of news and information that they look at on a regular basis—at least once a month.

It is also our hope that this new way of delivering NNI will be easier for readers, more attractive, and more topical. Perhaps at some point there could even be an NNI app that would take you straight to the blog and provide information on what is new or where there are changes.

This is a step in the continuous management of NNI to keep it relevant and useful to all I-INCE members and INCE-USA members. We welcome suggestions for new segments, contributions from members, and links to articles elsewhere on the web, and we hope to host discussions on important noise control issues. We are bringing NNI into the twenty-first century!

Richard A. Kolano, P.E., INCE Board Certified
INCE-USA President