Product News: Specialist software, SoundPLANnoise version 9.0 released with multiple new features for professional noise surveys and reduction strategies

Noise-mapping specialist, SoundPLAN, has released version 9.0 of its world-leading software, SoundPLANnoise, for effective assessment and reduction of noise in buildings and outdoors.

SoundPLANnoise 9.0 has a range of new features to model levels and noise dispersion, to help prevent its harmful effects. The software offers answers to every conceivable question in the fields of noise immersion control, environmental acoustics, and room acoustics. Whether it’s a construction study, transport, and route planning, noise action plans, assessing open-air events, noise mapping, or designing open-plan offices, the software provides the perfect solution.

Color-coded maps are created, which are very visual demonstrations of where the noise comes from and how it spreads. This can be useful, especially when dealing with other planners or non-building professionals involved in the project. Using modeling, it is possible to show not only current noise levels but also projected ones. Planners can then test scenarios and assess the best options to reduce noise and protect workers and communities from its harmful effects.

The modular structure of the software allows users, quickly and easily, to adapt the program to their individual requirements. Engineers, state and local authorities, architects, concert venues, and universities all work with effective noise software in a wide range of application areas.

SoundPLANnoise is always up to date so the calculations are based on the latest guidelines and standards. It is intuitive to use, enabling others to work efficiently, right through from modeling to the final graphical and tabular presentations of the results, so that goals can be reached efficiently.

New features in version 9.0 include:

  • The fully updated user interface of the Geo-Database, where geospatial data is entered and manipulated, for a state-of-the-art user experience.
  • Assessment of the harmful effects of environmental noise (high annoyance, high sleep disturbance, and ischaemic heart disease) according to EU2020/367
  • Multiple new standards included BEK nr 135:2019 (wind turbine), TNM 3.0 (traffic noise), and national adaptations of Common noise assessment methods in Europe (CNOSSOS-EU:2021) for strategic noise mapping
  • Meshed map calculations for time-efficient indoor noise predictions with SoundPLAN’s Sound Particle Model (SPD) to analyze and evaluate acoustic properties within rooms
  • Auralization with multiple simultaneous sources and additional background noise

For more information about SoundPLANnoise 9.0 visit or email SoundPLAN’s distributor in the USA at or contact the team at SoundPLAN’s headquarters at

Noise-mapping specialist, SoundPLAN, has released version 9.0 of its noise mapping software.

About SoundPLAN

SoundPLAN GmbH in Backnang, Germany is an engineering company with the main focus on noise control and software development. Its interdisciplinary team consists of engineers, geographers, physicists, and computer science specialists. The team generates cutting-edge engineering solutions delivered to the global market in the format of its SoundPLAN software. Its SoundPLAN noise modeling software has maintained the status of the market leader for more than 35 years.