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ROCKFON Presents Designing with Metal Ceilings AIA/CES Educational Course

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Chicago — “Designing with Metal Ceilings” is an educational course from ROCKFON for architects, designers and other building team professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and create beautiful, high-performance, effective ceiling designs. Please, call 800-323-7164, or clickhere to find a ROCKFON representative to share this one-hour, in-person presentation.

Led by a ROCKFON representative, “Designing with Metal Ceilings” teaches participants about the:

  • Benefits of suspended ceilings, such as aesthetics, easy maintenance, sustainability attributes, optimized acoustics and other high-performance advantages
  • Design considerations with metal ceilings, such as aluminum or steel construction, suspension systems, sizes, shapes, perforations and finish options
  • Budget, schedule and installation considerations of metal ceiling designs
  • Specification considerations of metal ceilings, such as recycled content, industry installation guidelines, international and local code requirements, and ASTM performance standards
  • Standard and unique project applications for common metal ceiling systems, such as exposed or concealed suspension systems, open cell, security, curves, clouds and perimeter trims

This educational course is approved for credit through the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES), the Green Building Certification Institute representing LEED® certification for the U.S. Green Building Council (GBCI/USGBC) and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). Equivalent credits also may be available from other professional associations.

“With in-person presentations, attendees have the opportunity to ask general questions, as well as to address specific issues for their commercial building projects and local geographies,” says Chris Marshall, ROCKFON vice president of marketing.

He continues, “As part of our complete ceiling solutions, ROCKFON offers the largest variety of specialty metal ceiling panels in the industry. Our metal panel products come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes, in standard and custom configurations. ROCKFON metal panels and stone wool acoustic ceiling panels are engineered for easy installation with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.” An overview of the company and its products also is featured with the presentation.

ROCKFON metal ceiling panel systems include:

  • ROCKFON Intaline™ round-base or v-base metal baffle ceilings
  • ROCKFON CurvGrid™ one- or two-directional curved ceiling systems
  • ROCKFON CurvGrid™ curved ceiling system with EZ-Flex™ panels
  • ROCKFON Planar® PlanarPlus® or PlanarMacro™ MacroPlus™ linear ceilings
  • ROCKFON BeamGrid™, CubeGrid™ or Magna T-Cell™ open plenum ceiling systems
  • ROCKFON GraphGrid™ open plenum wire panel and MetalScapes™ wire mesh panels
  • ROCKFON Planostile™ lay-in or snap-in metal panel ceiling system
  • ROCKFON SpanAir™ clip-in or torsion spring concealed metal panels
  • ROCKFON SpanAir™ plank hook-in or hook-on metal ceiling systems
  • ROCKFON Traditions™ embossed metal cornices and panels
  • ROCKFON Metaline™ lock-in and Secureline® plank acoustical security ceiling systems
  • ROCKFON Infinity™ perimeter trim options

More information about these ROCKFON metal ceiling panels, stone wool panels and suspension systems, and educational courses, is available at For additional support, please or call 800-323-7164.

For more information, visit; Media Contact: Heather West, 612-724-8760,; Follow the links to view online or to download Word document and Photo

ROCKFON Optimized Acoustics Expands Technical Resources Addressing Room-To-Room Sound Blocking

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Chicago — Helping architects, designers and other building team professionals to effectively manage noise and privacy between rooms, shares new technical resources fromROCKFON in an expanded and enhanced online experience. This updated interactive content is complemented with a new publication, “Optimized Acoustics™: Your Guide to Sound Blocking Design Solutions.”

Rockfon Job 74212 Corporate Brochure Business People In Meeting Corporate office prople white collar people discussion

Rockfon Job 74212 Corporate Brochure Business People In Meeting Corporate office prople white collar people discussion

“Now more than ever, an optimal acoustic experience is as important as the look, feel and function of a space,” says ROCKFON acoustic specialist, Gary Madaras, PhD, Assoc. AIA. “It’s important to consider how every structure, surface, fixture, material and even gap plays a role in the way noise is experienced. To achieve the best sound experience at the best price, use ceiling systems to optimize sound absorption and, where needed, use walls or plenum barriers to effectively block sound between rooms.”

Visitors to now can use the online tools to assess the level of noise in adjacent rooms and the level of sensitivity to noise and then to select, good, better and best solutions for achieving sound blocking levels of Sound Transmission Class (STC) 40, 45 and 50.

10_PN_Rockfon-Image2 (533x800)

Most acoustics standards, guidelines and building rating systems require blocking levels of STC 45 or higher for offices, patient rooms, classrooms and other rooms in commercial spaces. A sound blocking level of STC 45 means that a listener in a quiet room would hear raised speech in adjacent rooms, but would not be able to understand the conversation.

Full-height interior walls can achieve STC 45 or higher. If full-height walls are unavailable or impractical, a lightweight plenum barrier positioned vertically above the wall can provide an STC 40, 45 or 50 level of blocking when combined with a stone wool ceiling system. This can decrease the cost of the ceiling, allow for greater layout flexibility in the future and prevent the need to control noise leaks through the ceiling system.

10_PN_Rockfon-Image3 (533x800)

Beyond the new content on sound blocking, returning visitors to also will notice a streamlined, more efficient, user-friendly flow, plus improved auditory demonstrations and interface. Information will continue to be added to help visitors achieve the best sound experience at the best price by using ceiling systems to optimize sound absorption and, where needed, using walls or plenum barriers to effectively block sound between rooms.

To download a copy of “Optimized Acoustics: Your guide to sound blocking design solutions,” please visit To learn more about ROCKFON stone wool panels, metal ceiling panels and suspension systems, please visit For additional support, please or call 800-323-7164.

Media Contact: Heather West, 612-724-8760;; Follow the links to view online or to download Word document and Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photo 3.

About the ROCKFON Business

The ROCKFON business is a leading provider of acoustic stone wool and metallic ceiling solutions and suspension systems.

With the acquisition of Chicago Metallic Corporation Inc., the ROCKFON business provides customers a complete ceiling system offering combining stone wool and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.

ROCKFON complete ceiling systems are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable spaces. Easy to install and durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire, while making a constructive contribution toward a sustainable future.

The ROCKFON business is a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world’s largest producer of stone wool products. ROCKWOOL International A/S is listed on the NasdaqCopenhagen stock exchange. More than 10,000 people in 37 countries are employed within the ROCKWOOL Group.

In North America, the ROCKWOOL Group operates under the name ROXUL Inc, ROCKWOOL®, ROXUL® and ROCKFON® are all registered trademarks of ROCKWOOL International A/S.