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ROCKFON’s Inspired By You Shares Exceptional Ceiling Designs from around the World

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Chicago—ROCKFON® explores the newest global trends in ceiling designs in Inspired By You: Revealing the Beauty Inside Renovations and New Builds. This third volume in the series is available free-for-download as aPDF. Throughout the nearly 100-page publication, each article is illustrated with detailed photos and features interviews with the driving forces behind these exceptional projects—architects, acousticians, engineers, and installers.

“Beauty begins with inspiration. It has to be imagined and brought to life. Finding the beauty in a new build or an existing structure, inspired visionaries use ROCKFON’s ceiling systems as an active element to create surprising rooms with outstanding acoustics and a comfortable indoor climate,” said Chris Marshall, ROCKFON’s vice president of marketing and business development. “We are honored that the high-quality appearance and performance of our ceiling products make them a popular choice for the world’s most interesting architectural projects. We are delighted to share our customers’ success stories as they set new benchmarks of acoustic control and aesthetic invention.”

Throughout this edition of Inspired By You, QR codes link readers to videos showcasing a full 360-degree experience of five project success stories about:

*Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam—using ROCKFON’s ceiling products to emphasize natural light and a clean, bright appearance, the architects designed a healthy micro-city for kids.

*Sørlandssenterest, Norway’s largest shopping center—helping the design team create a comfortable experience that promotes sales, ROCKFON ceiling panels optimize light and acoustics in a continuous white ceiling.

*Novo Nordisk headquarters in Denmark—accentuating its organic curves and reducing vibration in the large atrium, ROCKFON products offered the flexibility needed for the spiral shape that connects the office and exemplifies its culture.

*Arts et View swimming pool in France—providing a peaceful atmosphere with no resonance, the architects relied on ROCKFON’s corrosion- and humidity-resistant products.

*Lyceum Schravenlant school in the Netherlands—following environmentally responsible practices and using ROCKFON’s sustainable products, this is the country’s first school designed in line with cradle-to-cradle principles.

These five project featurettes also are viewable on ROCKFON’sYouTube channel, along with more videos sharing ROCKFON’s processes and products. Inspired By You: Revealing the Beauty Inside Renovations and New Builds can be downloaded from the Tools & Documentation section at Select “Rockfon Group” and click “Brochures” to gain access to not only this publication, but also to ROCKFON’s new catalog, previous editions of Inspired by You, case studies, technical articles, and more. For additional information, please or call 800-323-7164.

Follow the links to view online, to download a PDF of the the publication, and to download photos of Emma Children’s Hospital, Sørlandssenterest shopping center and Arts et View swimming pool. After the image loads in your browser window, “right click” or “control s” to save to your desktop. Additional images are available by request.

ROCKFON Breaks Ground on Its First North American Acoustic Ceiling Panel Manufacturing Facility

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From left to right, those pictured are:
Keith Taylor—President of Marshall County Board of Supervisors
Thomas Kähler—Senior Vice President, Head of Systems Division, The ROCKWOOL Group
John Medio—President of Americas, ROCKFON
Philip Gunn—Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives
Jens Birgersson—President and CEO, The ROCKWOOL Group
Trent Ogilvie—President, ROXUL

Chicago—On March 16,ROCKFON® LLC hosted a celebration event for the groundbreaking of its first North American acoustic ceiling panel manufacturing facility, under construction in Marshall County, Mississippi. ROCKFON is the leading supplier of stone wool acoustic solutions, a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL® International A/S and an affiliate to ROXUL® Inc.

Company leaders from ROCKFON,ROCKWOOL andROXUL were joined at the construction site by Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives, Philip Gunn, in addition to ROCKFON customers, and other leaders from the community, company and industry.

The Mississippi facility will be ROCKFON’s fifth manufacturing facility in the world, extending global capacity and meeting the growing demand for ROCKFON’s stone wool acoustic ceiling products in North America. The new facility represents an initial investment of approximately $40 million US dollars (€36 million) by ROCKWOOL.

“The investment in this new facility demonstrates the strong commitment of our company to support the North American market, and of the State of Mississippi and Marshall County to support economic development in the area,” said John Medio, ROCKFON’s president of the Americas.

“Today is a great day for Marshall County as ROCKFON prepares to begin construction of its new acoustic ceiling tile facility. Once complete, the company’s significant investment and creation of 90 new jobs will have a strong positive effect on the local community and economy,” said Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. “I congratulate the ROCKFON team and everyone involved in bringing this great company to Mississippi on this milestone event.”

Located approximately 31 miles (50 km) from Memphis, Tennessee, the new ROCKFON facility in Marshall County will span 130,000 square feet (12,000 square meters) with room for future expansion. Production is expected to begin mid-2017. ROCKFON’s new manufacturing facility in Mississippi, and its strategically positioned US distribution centers, will provide for comprehensive coverage and servicing of the North American market.

In North America, ROCKWOOL operates under the name ROXUL. ROXUL has been in North America since 1988. ROCKFON’s new facility will be adjacent to ROXUL’s existing facility in Marshall County, which manufactures its full line of residential, commercial, industrial, and roof board products.

ROCKFON has been operating in North America since January 2013. With the acquisition of Chicago Metallic® in October 2013, ROCKFON provides customers with a complete ceiling system. Its product offering combines ROCKFON stone wool and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.

The new facility in Mississippi will manufacture ROCKFON stone wool acoustic ceiling products. ROCKFON will continue to manufacture its specialty metal ceiling panels and Chicago Metallic suspension systems in its Chicago and Baltimore facilities. Chicago Metallic suspension systems are also manufactured in Belgium, Malaysia, and China. ROCKFON’s other stone wool manufacturing facilities are located in the Netherlands, Poland, France, and Russia.

ROCKWOOL has more than 11,000 employees in 35 countries and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen. ROCKWOOL Internationalconfirmed plans for its North American acoustic ceiling panel manufacturing facility in the United States on the Copenhagen stock exchange on November 19, 2015.

Follow the link to download a photo of the groundbreaking event. After the image loads in your browser window, “right click” or “control s” to save to your desktop. *News release—view online—photos available—Exhibiting at AIA in booth #3817*

ROCKFON Introduces Optimized Acoustics

Chicago—The ROCKFON Group announcesOptimized Acoustics™, an easy approach to meeting both the sound absorption and blocking criteria of today’s commercial interiors, with the style of a smooth-finished ceiling system, while keeping on budget.

“There is a misconception that ceilings alone can block sound between rooms when the wall does not extend up higher than the ceilings. The reality is that most modular, acoustic ceilings by themselves do not have enough mass to block sound effectively,” explains Gary Madaras, PhD, Assoc. AIA, acoustics specialist at the ROCKFON Group. “Building standards and guidelines are evolving with more stringent acoustic requirements. Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC), which indicates a ceiling’s ability to block sound, is no longer a part of most acoustic standards, guidelines and building rating systems.”

Madaras continues, “ROCKFON’s approach is simple: Select a ceiling system to optimize absorption and where needed, use walls or plenum barriers to effectively block sound between rooms. This approach results in designs that comply with current standards and achieve the best sound experience at the best price.”

Supporting this thoughtful approach, serves as a digital hub of educational resources and tools on acoustical performance and ceiling systems. Visitors explore paths highlighting acoustic considerations for form and function, myths and truths, as well as technical descriptions, product selection metrics, and benefits for occupants and owners.

Demonstrating the positive effects of optimized acoustics, attendees at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo in Philadelphia, May 19–21, are invited to booth #3817 for a hands-on experience and listening demonstrations. As part of a 15-minute AIA Expo Chat, participants can earn 0.25 Learning Units (LUs) toward their continuing education credits.

The ROCKFON Group offers an extensive portfolio of ceiling systems for optimizing the acoustic experience of commercial interiors, including sound-absorbing ceiling panels, baffles and islands. To learn more about Optimized Acoustics, acoustic ceiling products, successful projects, continuing education courses, and other architectural and technical support, please, call 800-323-7164, or

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ROCKFON® is a leading provider of acoustic stone wool and metallic ceiling solutions and suspension systems.

With the acquisition of Chicago Metallic®, ROCKFON provides customers a complete ceiling system offering combining ROCKFON stone wool and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.

ROCKFON complete ceiling systems are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable spaces. Easy to install and durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire while making a constructive contribution towards a sustainable future.

ROCKFON is a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world’s largest producer of stone wool products. The ROCKWOOL Group has more than 11,000 employees in 35 countries and is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange. In North America, the ROCKWOOL Group operates under the name ROXUL.

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