Scantek, Inc. (Jun 2016)

NEW! SoundEar Noise Guide for Open Office Space

The Jabra Noise Guide by SoundEar is ideal for measuring noise levels in an open office space. Its soundear display and bottom light provide immediate visual alerts from instantaneous noise levels. Included software is used for a quick configuration of sensitivity or for level vs. time history review from one or several units located throughout an entire office environment.More…

Jabra Noise Guide by SoundEar

CadnaR Version 2.4 Available Now

New version of DataKustik’s CadnaR state-of-the-art software for calculation and assessment of interior noise is now available with a list of new features, including:

  • New Polymesh object for the creation of complex surfaces
  • Automatic configuration settings for particle calculations
  • Generate enveloping surfaces to verify the Sound Power Level of Machinery
  • New import formats ASCII-Objects and ASCII-Spectra
  • New Option SET for the calculation of Sound Power Levels based on technical parameters of sources

For more information, please visitDataKustik’s website.

DataKustik’s CadnaR

CadnaA Training Seminars

DataKustik has released its CadnaA training seminar schedule for the United States and Canada. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the various features and extensions of CadnaA. Several relevant topics will be covered in small groups and individual questions will be addressed. Expert knowledge will be provided in a way that effective qualification is ensured.

For more information, including registration, clickhere.

CadnaA Training

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