Scantek (Jun 2017)

New Sound Intensity and Field Building Acoustics Testing Solutions from Norsonic

Sound Intensity and Building Acoustics Measurements Now Possible Using the Nor150 Sound Analyzer

Sound intensity measurement capability is now available as an option on the Nor150 Sound Analyzer from Norsonic.


The remote control handle of the Nor1290 sound intensity probe kit uses a Smartphone as an optional measurement control interface allowing the user to perform all measurements with a single hand operation. The Smartphone communicates via WiFi using the internal web server running in the Nor150. The system may also be used with the sound intensity probe directly attached to the Nor150.

Features include:

  • Compliant to IEC 61043 Class 1
  • Full on-board support for ISO 9614-2
  • Measurement-based suggestions for improving results
  • Full measurement edit support (segment exclusion, resize, retake)
  • NorRemote app for smartphone remote control
  • Automatic measurement sequence

For more information, please visit ourwebsite or view the Nor150 Sound Intensitybrochure.


The Nor150 analyzer now features onboard building acoustics testing in accordance with ASTM E336, E1007 and ISO-16283 and ratings calculations according to ASTM E413, E989 and ISO-717. Source and receiver room levels, background levels and reverberation times can be measured and ratings, such as the ASTC, FSTC, NNIC, NIC or AIIC, ISR and NISR, can be calculated directly on the meter without any outboard post-processing.

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ASTM Building Acoustics Measurements Now Available with the Nor140 Analyser

The Nor140 sound analyzer from Norsonic now offers the additional capability to conduct field airborne and impact sound insulation testing according to the ASTM E336 and ASTM E1007 standards.


This new capability is available as a part of the Building Acoustics Measurement option, therefor expanding the list of already available building acoustics standards and turning the Nor140 into a powerful building acoustics analyzer.

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