The Noise/News Podcast: Episode 2

For 20 years, NNI has served as the leading source of news for noise and vibration specialists. It informs the growing international body of professionals who work to control noise and vibration. As part of this mission, we have started a companion podcast, The Noise/News, to give readers an inside track for even more developments in noise control.

Episode 2: Product Noise

Did you know that the INCE-USA has been supporting the development of a simplified product noise rating method to help consumers and other purchasers make informed purchasing decisions with respect to noise levels? It is hoped that consumer demand for quieter products will be increased by providing consumers with useful noise emission information in the same way that consumer demand for more nutritious food has been increased by using nutrition labels, for more energy-efficient appliances by using energy labels, and for more fuel-efficient cars by using auto mileage labels.

In this episode of The Noise/News, a podcast brought to you by NNI, our host Eoin King is joined by Dana Lodico, senior consultant of Illingworth & Rodkin Inc., and David Bowen, principal consultant of Acentech. Our guests are here to discuss product noise and a proposed new rating system. Tune in to learn more about this process!

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