Upcoming INCE Awards and Honors for 2017

INCE Members, Associates and Friends,

For 2017, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) and the INCE Foundation are accepting nominations for two major awards:

    • the INCE Excellence in Noise Control Engineering Award
    • the Martin Hirschorn IAC Prize—Student Project Award

Both of the awards will be presented at the upcoming NOISE-CON 2017 meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, in June 2017. A brief summary for each of the awards, including submission/nomination deadlines, is provided below.

To receive an application for an Excellence in Noise Control Engineering Award nomination and/or the Hirschorn IAC Prize Student Paper Award nomination, please send a request to:

Jeffrey L. Fullerton, INCE Bd. Cert., LEED AP INCE Vice President, Honors & Awards Acentech
33 Moulton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

For more information about the INCE USA Awards program, including a complete list of past awardees, please see the Awards page at the INCE USA website:http://www.inceusa.org/about-ince-usa/honors-and-awards/.

INCE Excellence in Noise Control Engineering Award
Engraved Memento and Honorarium of $3,000
Nomination Deadline: February 21, 2017

The INCE Excellence in Noise Control Engineering Award is intended to provide, and disseminate widely, recognition for an outstanding project, product, or processes in the applied practice of noise control engineering. The project, product or process should demonstrate a significant contribution toward a quieter environment. The precise nature of the project, process, or product is not rigorously defined by policy but is left to the nominator to establish and the judges to evaluate. Some examples of possible nominees may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Innovative consumer or industrial products developed specifically for the purpose of noise control or noise reduction
    • Improvements to existing consumer or industrial projects to significantly reduce noise levels or noise exposure
    • Development of new or improved techniques, materials or products for noise control, for buildings and construction
    • Development or improvement of noise policy, guidance or standards resulting in greater or more consistent noise control engineering application or practice
    • New or innovative techniques used in noise assessment or control for large transportation, energy or industrial projects, including environmental studies, design or construction projects
    • Development or improvements of tools, equipment, processes, practices, computer programs and applications for use in noise analysis and control

Nominations may be developed to recognize an individual or group of individuals for closely related contributions which, in the opinion of the nominator, constitute collectively a significant specific contribution to noise control engineering. The award shall consist of an engraved plaque and an Honorarium of $3,000. A suitable nomination package for this award is not trivial and will require some time to prepare, so please request the nominating instructions at least one month before the submission deadline. There will be no extension of the submission deadline.

Martin Hirschorn IAC Prize—Student Award
Award amount: $4,000 cash prize
Submission Deadline: March 6, 2017

The award is granted as a contribution to the education of a graduate student studying noise control engineering in the United States of America who proposes a project related to an application of noise control engineering and/or acoustical conditioning of architectural spaces. An application must be received for each candidate wishing to be considered for this award which shall contain detailed information about the student and the proposed project including a commitment to publish the results of the project in a form suitable for the Noise Control Engineering Journal.