From the President of I-INCE (Jun 2020): A No-Limits INTER-NOISE

In case you have not heard, the Korean Society of Noise and Vibration Engineering (KSNVE), host of INTER-NOISE 2020, has decided to hold the congress on its originally scheduled days but convert it to an e-congress. The congress will be hosted on an e-conference platform that will provide both the technical paper and either a recorded presentation of the paper or a poster presentation. Registrants will be able to view the presentations and the papers as well as ask the authors questions through a messaging feature on the platform. Registrants will also have a chance to visit an e-exhibition where registered exhibitors will provide materials describing their products and services.

I know I am in danger of sounding like an amateur promoter, but I honestly think this is going to be an interesting experiment with many potential advantages that will be worth “attending.” In my best “promoter” style, let me offer my best pitch:

  • There will be no limits to how many paper presentations you can “attend” (in the week the platform is open).
  • There will be no limits on how many questions you can ask the authors.
  • There will be no limits on how many exhibitors you will have time to visit (during the month the platform is open for exhibitors).
  • You will have no travel expenses.
  • There will be no need to choose who from your company gets to go to the congress—you can all attend, given the low registration fee and no travel costs. This will be a great opportunity for colleagues who are either unable to attend INTER-NOISE congresses or have not been interested to attend in the past.
  • There will be no limits on the time you attend the congress—you can sleep late and binge-watch presentations all night or all weekend.
  • No jet lag.
  • No coronavirus travel risk.

If you are an exhibitor, you’ll have the following advantages:

  • No conflicts with technical presentations.
  • A month on “display” instead of two days.
  • No travel costs.
  • No jet lag.
  • No risk of a bad booth location.
  • No power outages or other glitches.
  • No downtime while you wait for visitors—you now can handle inquiries on your schedule.

And all of these advantages are available for a reduced registration fee of only US$200. And where else are you going to get your fix for good technical papers on noise and vibration control in 2020?

Our colleagues at KSNVE are working very hard on the transition from a regular congress to the e-congress format, but things are coming together quickly. I hope you will support their efforts by registering for the congress at And I hope you and your colleagues will enjoy our first “No Limits” E-INTER-NOISE.

Bob Bernhard
President, I-INCE