Product Spotlight: pinta acoustic introduces three new CONTOUR Ceiling Tile patterns

pinta acoustic’s CONTOUR® Ceiling Tiles
are now available in three new patterns, including Labyrinth,
Taper and WHISPERWAVE™. They create modern effects while
absorbing unwanted noise. Ideal for small- and large-scale
indoor spaces, CONTOUR Ceiling Tiles are used in modern
offices, lobbies, retail spaces, restaurants, entertainment
facilities, worship centers and more.
“The three new CONTOUR patterns provide dynamic visual
style with exceptional sound absorption,” says Jean Sebastien
Marineau, business unit manager at pinta acoustic, inc. “In
addition to our standard CONTOUR patterns, we offer custom
options, including company logos.”

New Patterns:


Made with open-cell, mold-resistant WILLTEC™ foam, CONTOUR Ceiling Tiles are offered in two styles for easy, efficient ceiling grid or glue-up installation. CONTOUR tiles offer a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) up to 1.20. CONTOUR tiles pass Class A ASTM E 84, CAN ULCS-102, and the University of Pittsburgh Toxicity of Smoke Emission test.

Standard direct-apply, glue-up tiles are 24 by 24 inches (610 by 610 mm) in thicknesses of 1 or 1-3/4 inches (25 or 44 mm). Suspended ceiling grid tiles fit in standard 15/16-inch (24 mm) grid systems and have a backer board that blocks sound from traveling into adjacent rooms with a ceiling attenuation class (CAC) of 34. Ceiling grid tiles are 23 inches (584 mm) square with thicknesses of 1-3/8 or 2-1/8 inches. CONTOUR Ceiling Tiles are available in natural white or light grey, and water-based acoustic coating is available in standard, premium, and custom colors for easy cleaning and durability.

For more information or to find a representative, visit or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1.612.355.4200. To download “The Science of Better Acoustics” white paper, go to

pinta acoustic, inc. manufactures a broad range of attractive direct-apply, glue-up ceiling, and wall panels, suspended lay-in grid panels, suspended baffles, and clouds for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. pinta acoustic’s product lie includes WHISPERWAVE™, PHONSTOP™, CONTOUR®, HARMONI, WHITELINE®, SQUARELINE®, WILLTEC® Flat Sheets, SONEX® Classic, SONIX Valueline, SONEX One, SONEX Mini, SONEX AFS, SONEX Linear Absorbers, SONEX Lumen Linear Absorbers, SONEX PLANO Absorbers, SONEX Rondo, SONEX Clean, PROSPEC® Barrier, Foam and Composite Materials, and acouSTIC™ adhesives.