Technology Workshop—Commercial Aviation

Technology for a Quieter America Workshop—Commercial Aviation: A New Era

In May 2017 the National Academy of Engineering hosted a workshop titled Commercial Aviation: A New Era. It was organized by the INCE Foundation in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The organizing committee consisted of Adnan Akay, Provost of Bilkent University; Gregg G. Fleming, Volpe Transportation Systems Center; Robert D. Hellweg, Hellweg Acoustics; George C. Maling, Jr., Member, NAE; and Eric W. Wood, Acentech Incorporated.

The workshop program and list of attendees is freely available for download via both the National Transportation Library and the INCE-USA website (here). This overview will be followed by a full report of the workshop that includes a summary of each presentation and images of selected slides shown at the meeting. The report coverage will be broader than the relevant chapter of the Technology for a Quieter America (TQA) NAE report published by the National Academes Press in 2010. That report covered NASA technology goals for America as well as European noise technology. It also contained recommendations for action by NASA and the FAA.