Asia-Pacific News (Dec 2016)


The Biennial Acoustics Conference of ASC

The 2016 Biennial Acoustics Conference of the Acoustical Society of China (ASC) was successfully held in Wuhan, China, between October 29 and 30, 2016. The conference was hosted by the ASC and the Ship Vibration and Noise Key Lab of China, under the aegis of CSIC Institute 701 and Hubei Acoustic Society. The conference attracted interests and attentions of more than 350 prestigious professionals and outstanding scholars in the fields of sound and vibration. Four distinguished professionals were invited to give keynote speeches. More than 200 papers were collected. The conference awarded the “Chinese Journal of Acoustics Best Paper Award.”

The 1st International Workshop on SHM for Railway System

The 1st International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Railway System cohosted by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., CRRC Industrial Institute, and Stanford University was successfully held in Qingdao, China, between October 12 and 14, 2016. The theme was “looking back to development of structural health monitoring technology and looking forward to future application of structural health monitoring technology in railway industry.” Thirteen keynote speeches were organized, as well as different forms of communication including special report, oral report, and poster presentation. Over two hundred academicians, scholars, and industrial experts from 13 countries and regions attended the workshop and shared their ideas on new technologies of structural health monitoring for railway system. More than one hundred papers were collected, and six papers were awarded the Excellent Paper Award. The International Workshop on SHM for Railway System will be held every two years to contribute to establishing an international high-level platform for exchanging and sharing structural health monitoring technology and to promote rapid development and application of structural health monitoring technology in railway system.

(News source) Jun Yang


Recent INCE/J Social Contribution Activities

INCE/J took part in a special event of “Children’s Experiencing Manufacturing Fair,” held on November 5–6, 2016. The venue was Sumida Small-to-Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises Support Center in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, Japan. INCE/J provided a booth, where more than six hundred children enjoyed making whistles out of straw and voice driving copters by hand.

Recent Special Edition of the INCE/J Journal

The Journal of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan, Vol. 40, No. 5, published this October, is the 40th anniversary special issue. It contains a general review “Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan,” 15 reviews concerning the progress over the past 40 years in various research fields on noise and vibration, 6 technical reports for the future of noise control, and a letter “Expecting a Future Acoustic Environment—Ten Years After The 30’s Anniversary Symposium.”

INCE/J Research Work Commissioned by the Japan Ministry of the Environment

INCE/J recently started a research project to study the following three work items under the contract with the Japan Ministry of the Environment.

  1. Investigation for promoting noise and vibration mitigation measures
  2. Analysis of measurement data of railway noise
  3. Public awareness activities for noise/vibration regulation laws

New Research Committee Set Up in INCE/Japan

INCE/Japan newly set up a research committee associated with aerodynamic noise. The committee consists of six members, including Dr. Yoshiyuki Maruta as the head of the committee, and aims to illustrate aerodynamic noise problems and their practical mitigation measures to engineers.

2017 Spring Research Meeting of the ASJ

The 2017 Spring Research Meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan will be held March 15–17, 2017, at Meiji University, Kawasaki, Japan ( The meeting chair is Professor CHOI Pak-Kon. The meeting is planned to have the following four structured sessions: (1) Basic acoustics 3—acoustic signal processing, (2) Research trend on the measurement, evaluation, and control of environmental vibrations, (3) Sound design strategy for marketing and branding, and (4) Acoustic environments and handicapped accessibility: Learning about the “Act for eliminating discrimination against persons with disabilities.” The proceedings of this meeting will be published as a CD-ROM. A booklet of collected abstracts and the meeting program will be distributed at the meeting site. Note that 926 participants were present and 512 papers were presented at the latest 2016 Autumn Research Meeting of the ASJ. Note also that more than six hundred papers have been submitted from Japan for the coming 5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan in Honolulu Hawaii.

(News sources) Kiyoshi Nagakura, Secretariats of INCE/J and ASJ