Asia-Pacific News (Sep 2017)


AAAC becomes Australasian

The peak body committed to supporting the acoustics profession, the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), announces that it will now represent acoustical consultancies in New Zealand as well as Australia.

The organization now has 65 member firms employing approximately 400 consultants reflecting a $90m-sized industry. Its members are comprised of the most highly qualified and experienced acoustic professionals across Australasia. AAAC members provide advice to a diverse range of clients from developers and property owners to planners and architects, lawyers, local authorities and private householders, and lead their profession in technical expertise, research, innovation, and development of real-world, practical solutions for application to all types of environments.

The AAAC aims to raise the standards of acoustics practice across Australasia. The peak body helps to educate industry professionals and the public on the role that good acoustics and the management and mitigation of noise and vibration play in achieving good design and effective planning in the built and natural environment.

Acoustics 2017 Perth

The annual Australian Acoustical Society conference in 2017 is November 19–22. The theme is Sound, Science, and Society.

The conference will be held in the City of Perth at the five-star Pan Pacific Hotel, within easy walking distance to the new Elizabeth Quay and rejuvenated city center with renowned restaurants and bars.

The full program of specialist workshops and social events will complement leading technical presentations. The distinguished speakers and invited experts include Chris Allen, NASA (Acoustics issues with Spaceflight Vehicles / International Space Station), and Dr. David Bradley, Penn State University (Underwater Acoustic Propagation Modelling). The event also represents an outstanding opportunity for those in the industry to network and engage, with a detailed sponsorship prospectus now available.

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2017 Autumn Meeting of the INCE/J

The INCE/J will hold the 2017 autumn research meeting on November 16–17, 2017, at Senju Campus, Tokyo Denki University in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting will have two organized sessions, as reported in the NNI June issue, and about seventy paper submissions. There will also be a special symposium on “Environmental Education and Sound,” in which four invited lectures will be presented concerning education on acoustical environment aimed at nursery, primary, high school, and university students.

2017 Autumn Meeting of the ASJ

The ASJ will hold the 2017 autumn research meeting on September 25–27, 2017, at Ehime University in Ehime Prefecture Japan, as reported in the NNI June issue. The meeting will have ten special sessions and about 600 paper presentations and posters. The meeting is also planned to hold a special joint session between the ASJ and the ASK (the Acoustical Society of Korea). The joint session will be held on the second day, September 26, as a one-room/one-day session consisting of fifteen lectures (ten invited papers from ASK and five contributed from ASJ) from the research fields of architectural acoustics, etc. For more information, please visit: or

2018 Spring Meeting of the ASJ

The ASJ will hold the 2018 spring research meeting on March 13–15, 2018, at Nippon Institute of Technology in Miyashiro campus, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Recent Social-Contribution Activities of the INCE/J

The INCE/J took part in a special event of “Children’s Visit-Kasumigaseki Day,” which was an annual experiential tour of twenty-five ministries and agencies of the national government for elementary and junior high school students, held on August 2–3, 2017. The INCE/J provided an exhibition booth where visitors enjoyed producing and playing with a handmade sound-producing toy, “Voice-copter,” at the venue in the Ministry of the Environment. There were about 500 visitors and a total of 350 voice-copters were produced during the event.

Feature Articles in recent three Editions of INCE/J Journal

The INCE/J Journal Vol. 41, No. 2, published in April, focused on “aerodynamic sound and fluid sound” with a general account of “Generation of fluid sound and numerical analysis” and 6 technical data reports dealing with reduction of aerodynamic sound from railway car and pantograph, aircraft fuselage and small fan, fluid noise in plant piping, and aerodynamic sound in buildings. The INCE/J Journal Vol. 41, No. 3, published in June, featured “Acoustical technology to prepare for natural disasters” with 4 review accounts: (1) monitoring of natural disaster by infra sound measurement, (2) trend of the disaster prevention broadcasting, (3) proposal of an ASJ standard on outdoor voice transmission of disaster information, and (4) recent trends on disaster information transmission triggered by frequent, heavily torrential downpours. The INCE/J Journal Vol. 41, No. 4, published this August, featured “Environmental measures for aircraft noise” with a general account of “Environmental Quality Standards on Aircraft noise and current status of its enforcement” and 5 review accounts: (1) efforts to reduce aircraft noise around the airport, (2) noise abatement approach near the airport relevant to aircraft operation and air traffic control, (3) efforts for reducing impact of aircraft noise on local communities at Fukuoka City, (4) efforts for reducing impact of aircraft noise on local communities at Narita city, and (5) review of aircraft noise prediction and its current status.

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