Editor’s View (Mar 2018)

Welcome to the first Noise/News International issue of 2018. This issue shines a light on strategic noise mapping, with particular emphasis on the latest developments in Europe, as well as the new National Transportation Noise Map in the United States. We are also happy to announce that this year, for the first time, the Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ) will publish a special issue dedicated to case studies, and encourages all of you to consider submitting something to this special issue.

My own area of research has been very much focused on strategic noise mapping. I started my PhD just after the EU Directive on noise mapping was issued, and this Directive drove my PhD studies. Of course noise mapping is just the first stage in the process of controlling environmental noise—but I’m reminded of an old Irish saying “Tús maith, leath na hoibre,” which means “a good start is half the work.” In order to control a problem, we must first accurately quantify it, which is ultimately what we try to do with noise mapping. And by developing accurate and reliable noise maps, perhaps we’ll be halfway there to controlling the issue.

By the time this issue is published, the deadline for INTER-NOISE abstracts will have passed. I hope you submitted an abstract, or if not, I hope you will consider attending. It promises to be a great event!

As ever, we have updates from all around the world in our NOISE/NOTES features. Please continue to follow and interact with us on Facebook and on Twitter (@NNIEditor).

Eoin A. King, PhD