Editor’s View (Sept 2019)

Welcome to the September 2019 issue of Noise/News International. In this jam-packed issue, we hear from I-INCE president Marion Burgess, look back at INTER-NOISE 2019 from Madrid, provide a checklist for vibration control, feature some recent book reviews, and check in with the Stockholm pilot study examining the effect of a ban on truck deliveries at nighttime. Gary W. Elko also remembers Jiri Tichy, a former president of INCE-USA, who passed away earlier this year. And as always, we have our regular NOISE/NOTES roundup of all the news making headlines around the world.

At INTER-NOISE 2019 we announced an exciting addition to our NOISE/NOTES feature. At the Young Professionals award ceremony, we invited all those young professionals to become an NNI international correspondent. I’ve reached out to all these individuals and invited them to submit links to articles and stories that are catching their attention, from wherever they might be. Keep a look out for these stories from the next generation of noise control professionals. Of course, if you have any stories you would like featured, please email me (kingea@tcd.ie) or let me know on Facebook or Twitter (@NNIEditor)!

More recently, I hope some of you managed  to make it to San Diego for NOISE-CON 2019, where we were catching the next wave in noise control engineering. It has just wrapped up, and a full conference report will be presented in the next issue of NNI. Until then!

Eoin A. King, PhD