NCEJ Needs You

By James K. Thompson

The Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ) is the number-one journal in the world devoted to noise control engineering. We publish over 40 papers and case studies each year, with a focus on the fundamentals of noise control and the technology of managing noise globally. For more information, go to our webpage:

NCEJ Needs Your Help

To continue to provide this quality technical journal, we need you to participate as a reviewer. From graduate students to retirees, we need your help with paper reviews. If you would like to volunteer to be a reviewer for NCEJ, please follow the link to our website and register as a reviewer:

You will have to establish a user ID and password for the NCEJ editorial website. Also, please take a little more time to select the subject classifications for the types of papers you would prefer to review. Doing so will enable the editorial team to select qualified reviewers, and you will receive papers in your areas of interest for review.

Serving as a reviewer provides the opportunity to see the latest developments in noise control engineering while contributing to the institute. The time commitment is minimal. Reviewing only requires a few hours per month. This is a rewarding way to contribute to the noise control profession.

We hope you can join us in continuing to provide the number-one noise control engineering publication in the world.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel to contact me at the address below.

James K. Thompson, PhD, PE, INCE Bd Cert
Editor, Noise Control Engineering Journal