New Features and Options in the Noise Control Engineering Journal

By Jim Thompson
NCEJ Editor

Since 1973, the Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ) has been the leading journal dedicated to noise control. In the almost 50 years since that time, there have been a lot of changes and improvements to NCEJ. We are now fully electronic with a highly automated submission and review process. Our outstanding editors are leaders in their respective technical areas and do an outstanding job reviewing the hundreds of papers we receive each year.

One of the recent innovations in the journal was the addition of case studies. These are articles aimed at providing guidance or a reference for practicing noise control engineers. They often do not reference cutting edge technology but provide expertise in the solution of noise control issues and the use of measurement and modeling techniques to understand noise control problems. Since their introduction in 2018, we have received roughly 100 of these case studies and typically publish one or two in each issue.

This year we have especially invited noise control papers regarding artificial intelligence (AI). This effort is led by Yang-Hann Kim of the Korean Society of Noise and Vibration Engineering (KSNVE). He is also the Asia-Pacific Region Associate Editor for NCEJ. This is a strong area for noise control development in the future, and we want to provide technical papers on this vital subject. If you would like to submit or talk with Yang-Hann Kim about preparing a paper, please contact him at

In the next few years, we will be taking another innovative step to ensure that NCEJ remains the leading journal for noise control engineering: We will be offering authors the opportunity to publish their papers with open access—that is, for a fee, their paper’s copyright will allow the authors and others to freely share their papers. This contrasts with the more traditional subscription model where the reader must pay a fee per paper or subscribe to the journal to be able to download papers. All INCE-USA members get this subscription as part of their membership.

Open access is a growing trend in the scientific community. Many research funding agencies require open access for publications from their funded research. This is nearly universally true in Europe and is becoming more common around the world. It is important that NCEJ offer this option to continue to attract top quality papers and facilitate the citation of our papers in publications around the world.

For authors, the paper submission and review process will remain the same. The only difference will be that once the paper is accepted, the author will have the option to select open access or subscription publication.

I cannot end without inviting you to submit your technical paper or case study to NCEJ. For more information on the submission process, the differences between a technical paper and a case study, or the required format, please go to You can also go directly to our submission site at A submission to NCEJ is the best way to make your work known to those working in noise control around the world. In addition, you are supporting INCE-USA and NCEJ.

We have a continuing need for reviewers. If you would be willing to review NCEJ technical papers or case studies, please go to and register. Please take the time to complete the section on the subject classifications that are of interest to you. This will make sure you receive papers in your areas of interest. Serving as a reviewer provides the opportunity to see the latest developments in noise control engineering while contributing to INCE-USA. The time commitment is minimal, requiring only a few hours per month. This is a rewarding way to contribute to the noise control profession.

NCEJ will continue to innovate to provide the best opportunities to INCE-USA members and others to publish the latest research and discussions of noise control engineering. We always welcome submissions and input on how we might improve. Feel free to contact me at