ProAcústica Member Society

Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality (ProAcústica)—a Member Society of I-INCE since 2013is a nonprofit civil entity with the purpose of congregating companies and professionals looking to develop applied acoustic in Brazil, a field that also covers the science of vibrations. The ProAcústica Association was born from the initiative of companies and professionals that identified the opportunity to disclose to all of society the importance of acoustic quality in buildings and the environment, as a factor of well-being and public health.

Our strategic guidelines aim at a greater interaction and continuous alignment with our members; the consolidation in the civil construction and acoustic markets; the ongoing establishment of action plans, support programs, and promotion of selected content to different audiences; and the consolidation of sector-based partnerships with other organizations, governments, and society.

The mission of the association is to promote and spread the importance of good techniques and acoustic quality in buildings and in the environment as a factor of well-being and health for society. The vision is to transform our entity into a benchmark and be proactive in defining and announcing best practices in acoustic solutions.

The membership categories are founders, effectives, and benefactors. Effectives are companies or professionals characterized by: construction companies and builders, installation and distribution companies, manufacturers of acoustic products, engineering and architecture firms, laboratories, liberal professionals (individual member), and acoustic consultants and designers.

A | Affiliates

Currently 63 companies are members:

  • 34 manufacturers of acoustic products—54%
  • 19 acoustic project and consulting firms—30%
  • 7 installation and distribution companies—11%
  • 3 laboratories—5%

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B | Biennium 2016–2017—Officers and Board of Directors

  • Edison Claro de Moraes (AtenuaSom)—Executive Chairman
  • Alberto Safra (Aubicon)—Vice President Administrative Financial
  • Davi Akkerman (Harmonia Acústica)—Vice President of Technical Activities
  • Luciano Nakad Marcolino (Owa Brasil)—Vice President of Communications and Marketing
  • Fernando Neves Caffaro (Isover Brasil)—Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Cláudio Benevides Soares (Knauf Brasil)—Vice-President of Associative Resources
  • Gilberto Fuchs de Jesus (Grom)—Chairman of the Board
  • Nicolas Jean Edouard Isnard (01dB Acoem Brasil)—Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Cândida de Almeida Maciel (Síntese Arquitetura)—Adviser
  • Olavo Fonseca Filho (Grupo Sonar)—Adviser
  • Rafael Schmitt (Scala DB)- Adviser
  • Rafael Siais Furtado (Isar)—Adviser
  • Edvaldo Ribeiro (Junseal)—Adviser
  • Marcelo de Godoy (Modal Acústica)—Adviser

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C | Technical Committees

These committees aim to promote discussion about environmental and habitability issues, and collaboration in the development of laws, technical standards, and especially the review and adaptation of Building Performance Standard (ABNT NBR15575) and of Acoustics Standard (ABNT NBR 10151 and NBR 10152). They are also responsible for the publication of technical manuals, formatting courses, lectures, content production, and other activities.

Environmental Acoustics

  • Coordinator: Marcos Holtz
  • Technical publication: Manual of Acoustic Classification in an Urban Area (under development)

Acoustics in Buildings

Floating Subfloors

D | Ethics Committee

This committee was being set up, as well as the preparation of the “Compliance Manual” release in February 2016.

The focus of this “Compliance Manual” is to integrate the activities with good corporate governance practices in order to promote policies aimed at providing a minimum standard for all members of ProAcústica, and is designed to prevent unfair trade practices.

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E | Conferences 2016/2015/2014

Organize annually the City Council Conference on Noise, Vibration, and Sound Disturbance with over 300 participants.

Urban Noise Mapping

As one of the results of the City Council Conference has being approved, the law that will force the publication of the Urban Noise Mapping to set targets and timetables for reducing noise in the city. Law 16.499/2016 (from July 21, 2016).

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F | Specialization Courses and Update

  • Course acoustics for beginners: specifiers and sales representatives
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  • Course acoustic performance of residential building
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G | Acoustics for Schools—Documentary Video

The documentary presents the results of solidarity action with acoustics intervention in a Municipal School of São Paulo. The initiative is the result of a joint action promoted by the Association and presents the results in the quality of the school environment after installation of acoustic solutions.

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H | Communication Tools

The website that brings together all industry information; the association’s activities, affiliates, technical publications, articles, events, courses, cases, etc.

A newsletter published quarterly to the association’s mailing includes more than 19,000 records in addition to outsourced mailing

ProAcústica Social Networks


Edison Claro de Moraes, President
Eng. Davi Akkerman, Vice President of Technical Activities