Scantek, Inc. (Dec 2016)

New UC-35P, 1ʺ Low-Noise Microphone from Rion

The UC-35P 1ʺ microphone/preamplifier combination is based on a new, free-field, pre-polarized, low-noise microphone capsule UC-35 and the CCLD compatible NH-35 preamplifier.



  • 4 dB(A) noise floor
  • Free-field characteristics
  • CCLD (Constant Current Line Drive) compatibility
  • BNC connector enables connection to all types of CCLD compatible equipment
  • Reliable and stable measurement results


Nominal Diameter: 1 inch
Frequency response: Field
Frequency Range (Hz): 10 to 12500
Bias Voltage (V): 0
Maximum input sound pressure level (dB) (Linearity error +/−0.3dB: 96
A-weighted inherent noise (dB): 4
Temperature Coefficient (dB/Celsius): −0.008
Dimensions (mm): 23.8 (dia) × 132.7

For more information on the UC-35P, along with Rion’s entire line of microphones and preamplifier, please download Rion’s latestmicrophone and preamplifier catalog orcontact us.

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